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Idea to Exit - Dan Martell
Idea to Exit - Dan Martell | 7.5 GB

Idea To Exit Holds Your Hand Through Starting, Scaling, and Exiting A Technology Company.
If you've been wanting to create a software product that your customers love, but you don't currently have the time, skills, or budget to do so, Idea To Exit lays out the EXACT steps hundreds of other entrepreneurs have used to develop new products their customers love (and have paid for before it was even built).

Beyond Self Hypnosis - Hypnosis Training Academy
Igor Ledochowski - Beyond Self Hypnosis | 15.21 GB

"How To UPGRADE Your Brain's Architecture & Expand The Limits Of Your Unconscious Mind So You Can..."

Eliminate Self-Sabotage - BrainSpeak
John David - BrainSpeak Eliminate Self Sabotage

Our powerful Eliminate Self-Sabotage program will help you to overcome the self-defeating habits & beliefs that have stopped you from getting what you want and living the life you deserve!

Get Brain-Mind Expansion Intensive - BrainSpeak
John David - BrainSpeak BrainMind Expansion Intensive | 620 MB

Hundreds of corporate executives, hospitals and health care professionals, and brain/mind explorers of all ages have used BMEI to expand and enhance their mental skills and productivity.

Environment Creation for VR using Photogrammetry with Guilherme Rambelli
The Gnomon Workshop - Environment Creation for VR Using Photogrammetry | 9.2 GB

In this Workshop, Guilherme Rambelli shows, step-by-step, his workflow to process and set-up an environment captured using Photogrammetry for VR in Unity Engine. First Guilherme shows how to pre-process images using DNG Converter and create a color profile using ColorChecker Passport.

Brendon Burchard - Habit Builder Series
Brendon Burchard - Habit Builder Series | 2.32 GB

Get all 6 Habit Builder courses for HALF OFF NOW!
PLUS, you'll get two tuition waivers to our next High Performance Academy 4-day seminar! The next event is September 28- October 1st in San Diego. (You can attend then or Spring 2018 in Phoenix. You won't be charged the S997 tuition for two tickets. However, if you choose to attend you will have to reserve your spot and pay a one-time separate materials fee of S97).

Joel Grimes 32 bit HDR strobed portraits

Joel Grimes: 32 bit HDR strobed portraits
English | Size: 753.4MB
Category: Tutorial
Joel Grimes: 32 bit HDR strobed portraits
Wouldn't it be great if we had a camera that could achieve 20 stops of exposure latitude? that is possible.
Follow Joel Grimes as he demonstrates how to take your portraits to the next level creating a 32bit file, giving you off-the-charts, jaw-dropping results, all this while using strobes. Grimes will start by demonstrating the value of 32bit and will then show attendees how to create a 32bit portrait by bracketing your ISO using strobes.

RGGEDU - Advanced Texture Clean-Up with Oliver Earth (Incomplete)
RGGEDU - Advanced Texture Clean-Up with Oliver Earth (Incomplete) | 2.6 GB

Everything you thought you knew about retouching is about to change. Throw out your old way of thinking about products, surfaces and subjects and prepare yourself for something new. Get ready to take on any texture: skin, reflective surfaces, fabric and more.

EA Programming - Automated Trading with MQL5 for METATRADER5
EA Programming - Automated Trading with MQL5 for METATRADER5
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 24 | 244 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

The new Metatrader5 HEDGING Mode for easy algo trading and MQL5 Expert Advisor programming - Better results, less work!

The order handling in MQL5 has been a real pain for several years. Metaquotes improved that recently and introduced the new HEDGING mode.

Jason Capital - 27 Secrets
Jason Capital - 27 Secrets | 1 GB

Just 27 of my best tips, tricks, and secrets, PROVEN to provide bank account infusing, money-making, and social life skyrocketing results in record-breaking time.